I love receiving mail. Okay, maybe not junk mail, which is the worst, but when it’s an actual letter from a friend, I love everything about it. When someone sends you a note, you get to hold an envelope filled with a bit of sentiment just for you. It’s basically like magic.

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve sent a letter, but the last email I sent was probably this morning (though it may or may not have been to myself). And even though e-mail provides immediate and direct contact and makes communication a lot more efficient (and easier), something’s been lost. Where’s the thought? Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

One of my good friends lives in a different state. When we were younger, we would write each other notes and letters, tucking little candies and pictures in the envelope and sealing it with a colorful sticker (“just so we know it’s actually from each other”).

As we got older and were finally allowed into the digital world, we began emailing. It was, of course, a nice thought when I received an email from my friend. Emails are nice for their convenience, but they lack the sweet and genuine thought contained in a letter. There’s just no comparison between an email and the beautiful, handwritten letters she sends me on occasion. While it’s possible to make an email personal, there’s no way to match the personal touch of a letter, which has been written, sealed and stamped by the person who wrote it.

One might think that a person would email more frequently than writing a letter, but people grow accustomed to this convenience, and even texts become infrequent. Teenagers, especially, are very prone to laziness of the communicative kind – I’m a teenager, so I’m allowed to say that.

Sending a note is a way to really show someone that you’re willing to put in the effort of writing a letter (with correct grammar, even; it’s painstakingly difficult) and putting it in the mailbox! It makes ’em feel special, and people like feeling special.

I challenge you to send a letter today. I’m going to send one! Maybe you’re going to send it to your friend who you haven’t seen in a few months. Or your uncle. Or your mother’s cousin on her father’s side. It can be a “thinking of you” letter, a gratitude letter (gratitude increases happiness. Did you know that?) or a love letter. I did tell you to write a letter, but I’m not going to tell you what it has to be about. I’m not that demanding.

Who that you know deserves a letter today?

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