'Baywatch' Photo Call In Berlin
Credit: Isa Foltin/WireImage/Getty Images

Two things: everyone loves Zac Efron, and everyone has photos they want to hide. That time your mom gave you a ‘trim’ when you were 12 years old. That time you were going through your ‘‘awkward’ phase and none of the latest fashions fit you right. And then, there are the photos you’ve taken with exes who are no longer in your life. Those are perhaps some of the hardest keepsakes. You may just wonder if those are even worth keeping. Well, 19-year-old Baylee Woodward has found a way to recycle her photos with her ex that’s both clever and hilarious. She superimposed Zac Efron’s face on her ex’s face.

Even Matt Lauer was talking about this 19 year old’s photoshop skills and penchant for Zac Efron.

According to Buzzfeed, Baylee and her ex worked aboard a yacht. She traveled to 12 countries during that time. So, it’s safe to assume she amassed a pretty epic collection of photos. We know we would. It’s easy to see why she wasn’t quick to ditch. Even if her ex/travel partner was lingering in a lot of the photos.

Wait, did she say ‘fired’? Umm… that’s no good. As it turns out, her ex was also her boss at the time.

Well, keep your chin up, Baylee. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Who knows? You may just find your next beau on your next adventure. Cheers!