Margaret Eby
January 15, 2015 4:07 pm

One newspaper had an interesting response to that Ultra-Orthodox Israeli newspaper HaMevaser that digitally edited a photograph of a solidarity march in Paris to remove all the female leaders from the picture: Fight Photoshop with Photoshop.

Waterford Whisperers News, an Irish satirical newspaper, made its own spin on the image in the the guise of a “feminist newspaper”: It edited the picture to take out all the male leaders. Just German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Parisian Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and EU foreign affairs security chief Frederica Modherini remain on an otherwise empty city street.

The photo was in response to HaMevaser’s policy to not show photographs of women on its pages, or print their names. The newspaper has yet to respond to the pointed and widespread criticism of their erasure policy, which led to their removal of female leaders from a major international moment of solidarity.

The criticism also highlighted the growing number of women in world leadership positions who can’t be ignored. Though, in a funny way, Waterford Whispers‘ barren version shows just how far we have to go.

Meanwhile, at Tablet Magazine, Esther Werdiger created an alternate version of the photo that replaced all the people in the picture with versions of Angela Merkel.  

We know it’s just a joke but. . . it’s kind of a good look, wouldn’t you say?