Jessica Wakeman
April 11, 2016 2:32 pm

Recently, a graphic designer named James Fridman gotten a lot of attention for playfully Photoshopping people’s pics at their request over social media. If you want to be taller, he’ll make you taller. If you want a bigger butt, he’ll give you a bigger butt. He gets totally tongue-in-cheek with the pics, like this girl who wanted bushy eyebrows:

Or these girls, who wanted Taylor Swift in their photo:

It’s all pretty goofy and fun . . . and yet he has gotten some requests which are, simply put, heartbreaking. Take for instance on March 10, when one lovely young woman asked, “Can you please make my hair blonde and my lips bigger I’m trying to go for a Kardashian look.” His Photoshop skills are so good that he certainly could have done the job, but instead James responded, “You are beautiful. No need to go for a Kardashian look.”

Another request involved skin color. One young man with dark skin asked on March 31, “What if my skin was white.” James Fridman appears to not changed the picture at all, but reposted it and wrote, “If your skin was white, that would be a completely different person. You are who you are and that’s the beauty of it.”

On Friday, the Photoshop master fielded a request from a young woman:

Again, James Fridman reposted the picture, apparently without altering it, and wrote a special message: “Nothing and no one could ever make you prettier than you already are. Don’t be influenced by the wrong standards. Don’t put looks before your health. Get well.”

As well all know from the endless round of airbrushing debacles, Photoshop has the ability to make people look unrecognizable — and in the wrong hands, that could be abused horribly. Clearly James is able to identify who wants silly, Photoshopped pics for fun and who may be asking for airbrushing for more concerning reasons. It is so important that those people, especially, have their self-image validated positively. So thank you, James Fridman, for writing directly to your followers about why you aren’t fulfilling their requests. With an Instagram account of 102,000 followers and counting, hopefully the message of self-love is spreading farther than just the people in the photos.