Jen Juneau
January 05, 2016 3:28 pm

Warning: If you want to avoid potential spoilers from the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival (ack, just writing those words is giving me a Kirk Gleason-level conniption fit), now is your chance to duck out.

So since we last heard about the confirmation of a Gilmore Girls revival in October that will span four seasons in a single calendar year, we haven’t gotten too many other details — aside from the fact that one of the four main characters will be getting a new romantic squeeze.

But now, new photos have surfaced that claim to be from the revival’s Warner Brothers set. Among the photos floating around the heartstring-tugging Internet are the gazebo in Stars Hollow’s town square, what looks like Luke’s Diner, and Miss Patty’s dance studio.

Also Kim’s Antiques, and what looks like maybe Weston’s Bakery.

The kicker, though — and this is where the spoilers could be, so seriously, if you don’t want to be even maybe spoiled, time to peace out — is this photo, with a sign clearly reading, “LIZZY’S & LUKE’S HOUSE.”

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If these photos are real (again, nothing has been confirmed, so they could very well be fabricated), we’re all asking: Who’s Lizzy? The first thing many of us Gilmore Girls fans are thinking is whether this means Liz, Luke’s sister – but no one actually calls her “Lizzy,” so we’re scratching our heads as to why she’d be labeled “Lizzy” on this sign. But if it does mean Liz, why is she living with Luke? Are her husband, T.J., and daughter, Doula, living there too? Is it a huge house where Lorelai is also living for some weird, Brady Bunch-esque reason? Are the set builders and/or an evil Photoshopper totally trolling us?

There’s good news for us Luke/Lorelai shippers, though. Many are speculating that the ship-sinking photo in question could actually be from the set of One Big Happy, on which the main characters are named Luke and Lizzy. We’re breathing a sigh of relief, but considering the December tip-off about one of the main characters being in a new relationship, we aren’t ready to let go of our suspicion yet.

So many questions, so little time. The only thing we know for sure is that Sookie needs to make an appearance, Rory/Jess better be endgame, and crying preemptive tears over a(nother) potential Luke/ Lorelai breakup may not be the worst idea. But hey, if so, they’ll just get back together again…right?

(Featured image via the CW; GIF via here)