Trilby Beresford
Updated July 26, 2017

We love anything and everything Disney-related with all our hearts. But Disney-themed things mixed with adorable babies? Sign us up. Wednesday just got way more tolerable, because tiny Disney princesses are brought to life in a fairy tale photo shoot by fellow Disney fan Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits. It’s quite possible that we’ve never seen anything so sweet: Six little girls were involved in the shoot, and each one delivered a starring role as a princess. Wearing full-on costumes from Sew Trendy Accessories and everything.

Here’s the teeny-tiny group during nap time.

Ready to meet baby Belle? (Don’t forget to scroll through.)

How about sleeping Cinderella?

Snow White with her animal friends?

We imagine it may be hard to work with six babies at a time, and we’re seriously impressed. Apparently the shoot took eight hours, and Marie described it to Babble as “VERY difficult.” But totally worth it, of course.

She went on to say that her favorite part about photographing babies is “knowing in my heart how much these images will mean to families for generations to come.” Karen, we support this activity 100 percent and we’re already craving more.

And what do you know, there’s more on the horizon. Marie revealed to HuffPost that she’s considering photographing babies as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, Pocahontas and Moana. Yes please.