This photographer captures people doing normal activities naked

Berlin-based photographer Sophia Vogel takes nude photos of everyday people doing everyday things. First, with their clothes on, and then in the buff. She juxtaposes the two images side-by-side in her amazing photograph series, With and Without. Sophie hopes the intimate series will help us view and appreciate nudity without its sexual connotation.

The photographer believe that by depicting her subjects in their natural state, doing comfortable relatable activities, it will normalize their nudity.

Sophia says:

"The pressure of being a sexual being is omnipresent for every human being… We are observed and judged every day, and the fashion industry lavishes beauty ideals and criticism on us. We set high standards for ourselves… I want to speak up against these ridiculous standards… By presenting all kinds of different body shapes and natural postures I would love to show that everybody is beautiful in their own way."

So, how does Sophia find her subjects?[/subheader]

It’s not as hard as you might think. In fact, they volunteer. They reach out to her through her website, word-of-mouth, and on Instagram. The photographer admits she mostly gets millennial but would like to reach a wide range of ages. Her subjects include teachers, dentists, attorneys, and other volunteers.

Sophia starts each photo session with a conversation. She discusses the subject’s interests. The conversation helps them get comfortable and open up. She then asks them to perform a task they do regularly. She snaps photos of them doing the task with clothes on and then with their clothes off.

According to an interview with Creators, Sophia feels nudity has become less taboo in recent years. But since we still don’t walk around without clothes, nudity is viewed in a sexual context. Sophia wants to liberate us from that constricting notion.

Well, we certainly love the idea of any sort of liberation. If it means an end to tight, binding garments, you won’t hear a complaint from us!