Credit: NBC

When a character from legendary sketch program, Saturday Night Live, enters our cultural consciousness, that character will remain in our memories for pretty much all of time.

Credit: NBC

Whether a comedic line of dialogue is quoted by the masses for eternity or an iconic character breaks away from the sketch format to lead a feature film, SNL has gifted us with some of the greatest characters in pop culture.

Now, we can finally get a glimpse into the childhoods of these SNL heroes, thanks to photographer Brandon Hill’s photo series, SNL jr.

Hill told BuzzFeed News how he came up with the idea for the series, and it stems from Chris Farley’s legendary Matt Foley character:

And we are so glad that he did.

Need more cowbell?

This child could not be more perfect as Will Ferrell’s cowbell-playing goof in Blue Oyster Cult.

Hill collaborated with Kimberlee Iblings, a wardrobe designer, and Lauren Young and Renee Saia, hair and makeup artists, to create the fantastic images.

Church Lady

Isn’t that special?

It would certainly make Dana Carvey proud.


Her facial expression is perfect Kristen Wiig.


This child is actually Bill Hader.

Mary Katherine Gallagher, SUPERSTAR!

Molly Shannon created our ultimate role model.

Hi, I’m Brian Fellow!

This little boy has perfected Tracey Morgan’s fabulously bizarre and underqualifed animal show host.

Matt Foley

What a glorious example of the everlasting legacy of Chris Farley’s unstable motivational speaker.

Hill told BuzzFeed: