A selfie of a guy and his goat has gone viral, because Internet. Posted on Reddit a day ago by user chirv , the image titled “While on a run, this goat started following me …And kept up for 2 miles (before getting picked up by its owners)” already has almost 2,500,000 views on Imgur. And almost all 424 comments aren’t marveling at the random goat who decided following a human for two miles. They’re all about this guy’s eyebrows. That poor goat never got his moment in the sun.

Instead, the Reddit user’s eyebrows got the Photoshop treatment, and the results are endlessly funny.

Luckily, chirv seems to be OK with the sudden and epic amount of attention he and his goat running buddy (alright, and his eyebrows) are getting. Here are his pretty chill responses to the whole crazy thing.

Also, timeout, am I the only person who thinks he has really nice eyebrows? I want those eyebrows. I cannot grow those eyebrows. Gimme those eyebrows. Give ’em here.

Images: Imgur