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Imgur user pigeonkitty occasionally works from home, and to ensure she’s putting in the right amount of hours, she was given a USB that clocks her in. It also takes a picture after three incorrect login attempts (so basically she works for the C.I.A.).

That level of security seems a little much, but we have a feeling this overbearing method of signing on became totally worth it after her computer took the most perfect picture in all of life.

“It’s sorta weird, but for my job I sometimes have to work at home and I was issued a USB thing that puts me on the clock and also does that [takes a picture],” she wrote. “I plugged it into my laptop to clock in and then left for a bit because my boss wanted some journals scanned, so then kitty made her move.”

As soon as she left her computer, her cat attempted to guess her password — not once, but three times. And it failed. So the computer did what it was programmed to do — it took a picture of the culprit, and then sent the image directly to her phone.

“I just got a text alert on my phone with this image attached,” pigeonkitty wrote. Whether we’d like admit it or not, the cat is all of us.My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts