Karen Belz
November 08, 2017 1:39 pm

Dogs are becoming more and more like their owners every day. For example, one dog from Utah faked being sick in order to get his parents to stay home from work. Sully started acting up on Thursday, which made his owners — Kennady Longhurst and Alex Salsberry — a little worried.

Longhurst reported that she stopped home for lunch and started hearing Sully make an alarming noise. It sounded like a mix between coughing and choking, which made her call her husband to help investigate. Both were worried about the noise, with Longhurst trying to look online for dog CPR techniques. However, aside from the cough, Sully wasn’t acting any different than normal. In fact, he seemed pretty happy.

As Sully’s cough subsided, Longhurst and Salsberry decided to wait it out. The rest of the night, he appeared fine. Then it came back in a big way the next morning, right as the two were getting ready to go to work. Interesting timing, right?

The couple, being a solid pair of pet owners, didn’t want to chance it and decided to take Sully straight to the vet for some answers. While the vet had some suggestions — like kennel cough, which is pretty common among dogs were are in close proximity with each other — nothing big came up.

As it turns out, their dog faked being sick for attention.

While it’s a good thing that Sully wasn’t in any real danger, it just shows how much he really loves his mom and dad.

All we can say to Sully is, we’ve been there.