Olivia Harvey
August 22, 2017 6:55 am
Emma Ward / twitter.com

Move over, Instagram celeb MacGyver the Lizard — there’s a new internet-famous reptile in town! Meet Olive, a two-year-old chameleon who will grab hold of almost anything you put in her tiny little hand. Olive’s human mom, Emma Ward, noticed Olive’s tactile talent, and being an artist, Ward tapped into her imagination.

And it really was. Ward tweeted out photos of Olive and her small arsenal and has so far amassed just under 400,000 likes and almost 200,000 retweets. But it’s clear why weapons master Olive is blowing up.

She’s just so darn cute!

And as to be expected, Olive is on her way to becoming a well-loved internet meme. One fan pumped out war-ready lizard jokes, and they’re so silly but so good.

But watch out, Olive — you have some stiff competition. Oddly enough, this little gal isn’t the only chameleon who carries miniature weapons.

And thankfully, for every chameleon willing to wage war, there is a chameleon is ready to broker peace…

…or another who’s here for Danish pride? Okay, we’ll take it.

But as another Olive fan tweeted out, chameleons aren’t the only animal in the wild kingdom to fancy grabbing onto things. Check out this Twitter user’s flying squirrels who are also equipped to do battle when necessary.

Thank goodness the internet stumbled upon little Olive. She’s certainly made us feel at peace knowing we have a little chameleon ally ready to grab a Lego weapon and defend our honor.