Karen Belz
September 04, 2017 10:56 am

Have you ever traveled alone? Sometimes it can be thrilling, but other times it might get a little lonely. That’s why this hotel in Belgium is offering a tiny goldfish companion for just a small fee. Is it worth it? Oh, you bet.

The hotel is called Hotel Charleroi Airport, and as you’d expect by its name, it’s conveniently located right by the airport. That means that they’ve probably seen their fair share of business travelers who might be miles and miles away from their families and friends.

While Michelle Cooke didn’t see the goldfish for herself, she decided to post a photo that her friend shared with her. Because, when you see a sign offering goldfish rental, it’s kind of difficult not to share it with other buddies.

Sure, they can’t offer up a conversation, but they always manage to brighten up a room.

While everyone thought that the idea of the rented fish was an interesting idea, a few people commented on the size of the fishbowl. Luckily, the hotel piped in to clear a few things up. As it turns out, the fish have been happily living at the hotel for just over 4 years.

One downfall, as someone commented on Cooke’s tweet, is that by renting one, you’re pretty much announcing that you’re lonely.

And while others liked the idea, they preferred a different kind of companion.

Still, we think it’s a sweet idea. And it’s nice to know that the fish are being loved and cared for while helping out travelers who might be in need of someone to talk to.