Margeaux Baulch Klein
Updated September 01, 2017
Getty Images/Sara McDaniel

In between reports about depressing political discord and shocking celebrity breakups (can no one stay together?!), sometimes you just need to take a break from it all.

Luckily, the internet provides the perfect antidote in the form of animal GIFs. From bicycling raccoons to floating porcupines, cute animals can always be depended on to do something adorable/stupid/silly. So whether you need cheering up or you’re looking for a GIF to send to a friend, these little precious moments are the perfect way to escape the day. You’re welcome.

1Who needs a float?

Not this porcupine!

2That’s the spot!

This little pup loves his bellyrubs.

3Carrot crazy.

This hamster wins the carrot eating contest!


There’s nothing like an afternoon siesta.

5Am I in yet?

This pooch has got his dog paddle down.

6You’re getting sleepy.

Very sleepy.

7Two cats, no, make that three.

This leather pouch is not big enough for the three of us.

8This new dance is sweeping the country.

It’s called the piggy butt waggle.

9You wanna play?

Stop copying me!


The slightest touch will take this kitten down.

11Tag! You’re it.

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along?

12Brushin’ and flossin’.

There seems to be a market for mouse-sized toothbrushes.


Everyone feels cozy with a sleeping cape and hat on.

14Don’t worry; I’m totally awake.


15Take off the training wheels!

This raccoon is a natural at bike-riding.

16See no evil, hear no evil.

Still working on that speak no evil part.


They’ve reached that comfortable point where they don’t feel the need to talk while they eat.

18Nightie night.

Everyone needs a lovie to help them sleep.


A best friend is always there to massage your scalp.

20A purr-fect 10.

It took her a lot of practice to perfect this move.

21Now, try it.

My nose is off-limits, thank you very much.

22You looking at me?

Of course, you are. I’m freaking adorable.