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Today, April 30th, is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and we want to spread the word that adopting, not shopping, is the way to go. Adopting a rescue animal is such a rewarding experience because not only are you saving an animal’s life — you’re also receiving a family member who will thank you with unconditional love. The following 16 celebrities have made the decision to adopt shelter pets, and for that, we celebrate them today and every day.

According to the Humane Society, 2.7 million adoptable shelter animals are euthanized each year in the United States, simply because there isn’t enough room to keep them in shelters. The best way we can fight and reduce that enormous number is by adopting. Adoption saves lives and frees up shelter space so that other animals can have the opportunity to be rescued.

Adoption is also the best way to fight the operation of puppy mills. Buying animals from pet stores or from online sites is what keeps puppy mills active. Although all dogs and cats deserve to be adopted and purchased, buying animals keeps the brutal factory-style breeding mills open, where terrible conditions lead to poor treatment and abuse. Adopting is the best way to put puppy mills out of business and to ensure animal welfare is put before capitalism.

You can read more about adoption on the Humane Society’s website. But first, let’s check out these celebrity rescues.

1Kristen Bell

Bell is a huge advocate for adopting shelter pups and adopted her old lady dog Lola years ago. Bell’s family also fostered a shelter dog named Muppet, who is aptly named, in our opinion.

2Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried adopted Finn through the rescue organization Best Friends Animal Society.

Currently, Seyfried and the cast of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again are raising money for Best Friends and Red Nose Day via Omaze. You can win a chance to hang with the cast at the film’s premiere and help two great causes by entering the contest.

3Olivia Munn

Munn rescued Chance (pictured left) from a puppy mill and a year later adopted Frankie (right) after she found him scavenging for food on the street.

4Chelsea Handler

Bert and Bernice are the newest additions to the Handler home. Handler rescued both chows after she sadly lost her two other rescue pups, Tammy and Chunk, last year.

5Hilary Swank

Academy Award-winner Hilary Swank is crazy about her shelter dogs and finding homes for rescues through her Hilaroo Foundation. She currently has her own rescue, Kai, and is fostering two Golden Retrievers, Mulder and Scully.


In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, Adele brought this fur baby to our attention. She’s had him for a year and honestly, we bet this has been the best year of his life.

7Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

Tani, Dora, Mary Jane, Pig the pig, Milky, Bean, Emu, KeKe, Shanti and LiLo the cats, Floyd, Lila — these are just a few of the pets Cyrus and Hemsworth have adopted over the course of their relationship. We have a feeling that as long as there are shelter animals out there, Cyrus and Hemsworth will continue to grow their blended family.

8Zooey Deschanel

Our own Zooey Deschanel rescued Zelda and Dot through the Bill Foundation. The two pups had been separated when initially turned into their first shelter, and when they were reunited, the Bill Foundation knew they couldn’t be separated ever again. Zooey tells the story of Zelda and Dot’s adoption to Ellen Degeneres below. Warning: It’s heart-melting.

9Jane Lynch

Glee’s Jane Lynch is actually a rescue pack leader. After the passing of her rescue pups, Benjamin and Olivia, Lynch’s family grew with the addition of Millie, Bernice, and most recently, Arbuckle (who is on a weight-loss journey like we’ve never seen before):

Can’t. Stop. Smiling!

10Andy Cohen

Cohen, who was previously afraid of committing long-term to dog ownership, admits that his rescue Wacha changed his life. The Watch What Happens Live host now works with Purina ONE and North Shore Animal League America to bring shelter dogs to schools in order to raise awareness about adoption.

11Allison Williams

Girls star Allison Williams adopted Moxie at 10 weeks old through North Shore Animal League America. Fun fact: Moxie and Wacha are doggo BFFs.

12Ariana Grande

Toulouse and Grande are friends ’til the end. Toulouse came from shelter roots to having his own Fandom Wikia page.

13Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Somerhalder and Reed are 100% animal people. They adopted their cat Sohalia in 2014 after she was mislabeled “feral/not friendly.” The couple also has another kitty, Moke, two horses, and a German shepherd. At one point, Somerhalder and Reed had nine pets!

14Drew Barrymore

Barrymore’s family recently took in three rescue kittens — Fern, Lucky, and Peach. They join big bro Douglas, a pup rescued from California’s San Fernando Valley.

15Zac Efron

Meet Maca Efron, the newest addition to the Efron family. Maca was reportedly about to be euthanized before Efron stepped in to take her home.

16Chris Evans

When Evans had to shoot inside an animal shelter for his film Gifted, he tried not to fall in love with Dodger — but how could he resist all that happiness?

Adopt, don’t shop, and bring a little more animal love into your life. Animals always make us better people.