Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Apr 17, 2015 @ 5:25 pm

If you’ve ever owned a pet turtle or tortoise, then you’re probably familiar with their very laid back lifestyle. They take like three hours to eat a piece of lettuce, getting from the TV to the couch is their version of Homer’s Odyssey, and they’re really quite bashful. While many wouldn’t consider these shelled cuties human’s best friend, one man would probably beg to disagree. Spotted in Tokyo, the owner of a GIGANTIC tortoise has been taking his beloved on walks, and people can’t help but notice (natch).

We don’t know very much about this mysterious fellow and his cold-blooded companion, except that they’ve been spotted around the city, and sometimes the tortoise’s owner dresses him/her in dresses, and it’s super cute. In terms of the tortoise, Rocket News reports, “The animal is native to the southern Sahara desert, but seems comfortable enough in the concrete jungle of downtown Tokyo.” The report also claims that the two must have a pretty close bond, since tortoises normally don’t follow humans around for miles and miles.

Here’s the length of one of their strolls (from Tsukishima to Ginza):

The man’s patience, much like his love, seems endless for his pet. And this makes our hearts swell with endless love.

Images via Bored Panda