Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Loaves of sliced bread don’t come with instructions, but after looking at how this guy’s roommate opens bread, maybe adding a little how-to diagram on the bag wouldn’t hurt. Heads up, bread packaging interns: Here’s your chance to shine.

According to The Daily Dot, Twitter user @almckayy posted a photo of a bag of bread that his roommate literally ripped open instead of using the wire tie (like we wrongly assumed everyone does).

Apparently, you can tell a lot about a person by how they open and close a bread bag, although we’re not sure what a bread personality test would reveal about this individual.

The internet, however, has its own ideas. Some blamed it on a possible psychological disorder, while one follower thought the bread opener maybe spends too much time around cats.

While many were quick to classify this guy’s roommate as a demon spawn who somehow escaped the pits of hell (we get it), let’s take a second to introduce a little thing called the benefit of the doubt.

Instead of writing this person off as a certified maniac, maybe this aggressive package opener is actually a professional eater who devours 100 slices of bread in a single sitting? As @almckayy pointed out in a followup tweet, the photo shows two separate loaf-opening incidents. His roommate could’ve been trying to squeeze a practice round of competitive bread eating in the middle of a busy day without being slowed down by the pesky wire tie.

Or maybe not. If @almckayy is packing his stuff as we speak, we definitely won’t try to intervene.