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It’s a strange question, but could a perfume really protect people from cyberattacks? The company Kaspersky creates software to protect homes and businesses from viruses and internet threats. And now they are “releasing” a line of perfume.

This seems like an odd jump for a cyber security business, but they say that’s the point.

They partnered with Scarlett London, a fashion and lifestyle blogger in order to create the perfume. With this campaign, they have created a dialogue around cybersecurity and just how devastating a cyberattack can be for the unprepared.

They called this line Threat de Toilette so people can have a symbolic, physical reminder to protect themselves online. Kaspersky claims that the scents smell “like fear,” while featuring multiple scents: Social Enginoir, Mal-wear, and Phish. They didn’t actually provide a description of what it would smell like, but it’s certainly a fascinating idea.

It’s important to focus on the message, not the hype.

Some people have criticized the marketing campaign as ridiculous and over-the-top. It’s certainly unusual. But it comes from a good place. Sometimes we forget the importance of being secure online. So if a weird perfume reminds us to be safe, it’s definitely a good thing!