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Let’s go back in time two weeks to Wednesday the 21st, when it was Back to the Future Day and everything was heavy happy. It was a day three decades in the making, since back in 1985 Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the FUTURE and landed on 10/21/15. Everyone woke up that morning and put on their favorite red puffy vest, and brands totally got in on the fun, too. Pepsi even released an awesome limited edition “Pepsi Perfect,” the same drink Marty orders at Lou’s Cafe, and it sold out faster than you can say 88mph. The popularity of the special edition drink was so overwhelming, Pepsi woke up this morning and decided to release some more!

This is good news if you missed out last week on snagging a bottle. However the bad news is that they’re all completely sold out AGAIN.

Pepsi Perfect went on sale at 9 a.m. this morning. According to Pepsi’s official Twitter account, 11 minutes later they were completely sold out. Don’t give this tweet a “[heart]” you guys.

Pepsi’s officially online store completely crashed, leaving to delays and glitches in ordering, and now the page explains that the bottles are all sold out (again). Trying to buy one off of Amazon also doesn’t work, because they’re completely sold out. Feels like Pepsi should have learned from the OVERWHELMING DEMAND last week that history was going to repeat itself this morning. This would be a perfect opportunity to use a time machine for good, and fix this mess ahead of time.

“Today, we released an additional 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect to provide diehard fans with another chance to experience cola history,” Pepsi explained in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. “Some fans may have experienced slower load times due to overwhelming demand and consumer traffic. We have sold out and we do not currently have any plans to go Back to the Future again to create more.”

Needless to say, Back to the Future and Pepsi fans around are not happy about this. The only way to get a bottle right now is by dropping $900+ dollars on eBay. That doesn’t sound like a good idea for 16.9 ounces of soda.

For now, I guess we can all wish and hope that Pepsi releases a third batch of these drinks. According to their website, the drinks aren’t expected to ship out until December 26th of this year as it is, so surely they’ve got to have some Pepsi Perfect still lying around, right? RIGHT? Doc Brown isn’t super into altering the future, but in this case I think he’d want you to, Pepsi.

(Image via Pepsi.)