Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Aug 17, 2015 @ 8:45 am
Picture of BuzzFeed Internet Comment Video

Internet comments. Am I right? Every once and a while I stumble on some polite banter, but for the most part, comment sections (especially on certain sites) are chock full of noise. In a world where you can virtually write anything to anybody, people eagerly share thoughts they wouldn’t normally necessarily say out loud.

BuzzFeed’s latest video takes an honest look at this chronic over-sharing and asks the question: What would happen if people acted like Internet commenters IRL? The reenactments are pretty on point.

There’s the classic “TL;DR.” There’s the Internet favorite “Irregardless, I’m over it, dude” (and an immediate snarky reply). There are guys competitively yelling “First!” at each other as they frantically approach a bartender. And then there’s our personal fav, “I make $90 an hour working from home.” Genius!

Some of these we def say IRL, though. Like “Same.” It’s too good not to.

Check out the video and spot more comment sections gems:

(Images via Buzzfeed video/YouTube)