wonder woman
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We just came across photos of little girls dressed as Wonder Woman at the movie premieres, and we can’t stop looking. Filled with so much excitement and hope, these little ladies came to the theater rocking their best Diana Prince ‘fits. And just one look into their eyes and you’ll be filled with hope for the future, too.

Not only has the film had an impact on young girls, but it’s also had one heck of a positive impact on adults. No wonder why the film shattered the opening weekend record of 50 Shades of Grey. Even celebs can’t stop fawning over the DC Comics film’s greatness. Actress Lupita Nyong’o found it hard to hold in her excitement for the flick, and penned a beautiful review that’ll be sure to leave the macho-est man feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Just seeing a female superhero on screen has inspired so many. And knowing that a good chunk of those watching are little girls, puts us in the feels. Never underestimate the positive power of entertainment.

And all of the pictures of young girls dressed as Wonder Woman gave us the greatest feeling ever.

These ladies are bound to take over the world, and we’re totally looking forward to it.

Is she not the most adorable little human you’ve ever seen?

And she’s totally ready for battle. false

Even actress Viola Davis’ daughter Genesis couldn’t help but throw on her Wonder Woman gear.

This little lady means business.

Even at school, this Wonder Woman slays.

And feels. All of the feels. Who else is on the verge of tears after seeing this awesomeness? Because we are.

If you haven’t seen the greatness of Wonder Woman in theaters, you should totally make it a point to check it out sooner than later. Because this is one conversation that you don’t want to miss out on.