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There are so many questions surrounding sex and sexual preferences that it’s always fascinating when you can learn at least a little about your own bedroom habits. A recent study published in The Journal of Research in Personality had some seriously interesting insights into different personalities in the bedroom.

The study followed 278 heterosexual newlywed couples who kept journals of their sexual frequency and satisfaction throughout the first year of their marriage. Using the Big Five personality traits as the basis (openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extroversion, and neuroticism) researchers used this data to determine how your personality may affect your bedroom habits (and feelings).

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The highlights of the study basically found that a woman’s agreeableness was a huge predictor in sexual frequency. If a woman tested high on the openness and agreeableness metrics (based on the specific psychological traits), there was a better chance the couple would have more sex. Interestingly, the same was not true for men. The more open men were, the LESS likely it was that they’d enjoy frequent sex. More neurotic personalities (no matter what the gender) typically experienced less sexual satisfaction.

One of the most interesting results was that both men and women’s satisfaction was unaffected by the personality traits of their partner. This seems to suggest that your sexual satisfaction is actually based more on how you feel, personally, than what your partner’s style or moves are in the bedroom.

Unsurprisingly, the study also found that men tended to initiate sex more than women (which is what Hollywood has been telling us for years anyway).

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The study is worth a more detailed read if you’re into in-depth sex psychology. It’s worth keeping in mind that this was a very specific study from one slice of a large pool of personalities and preferences(and the fact that it was hetero only definitely limits the scope.) But, hey, it’s always fun learning more about ourselves even if it’s only in little bits and pieces. That is, after all, why we take several personality quizzes every day.