Kit Steinkellner
Updated April 28, 2015

[Editor’s note: Right now, Bruce Jenner is not publicly identifying as a woman, so we at HG will be referring to him using male pronouns until he has clearly decided otherwise.]

We were all SO moved this past Friday by the brave and powerful interview that Bruce Jenner gave to Diane Sawyer where the two discussed Jenner’s gender identity. As a transgender woman who is publicly embracing his truth later in life, Jenner is an inspiration to SO many people —to be themselves, to embrace their truth. Jenner plans on using his influential platform to educate others about the trans community — as well as let others know they are not alone — in his docu-series (which starts mid-July). But for the time being, we all feel so much love and admiration for a person who was courageous enough to reveal something very personal and deep and important on television. We want to support Jenner for his honesty and decision to share his journey with everyone — and there’s an easy (and fun!) way we can. On Monday, as Mashable reports, Australian radio station Kiis 1065 came up with an awesome way to celebrate this trans hero: paint our nails.

In Jenner’s interview with Sawyer, Jenner explained that while “in the closet”, Jenner longed to “have [his] nail polish on long enough that it actually chips off,” which is something many of us have taken for granted —a small thing so many people don’t even think twice about, but something that Jenner felt he couldn’t do. But now that Jenner is public about being trans, having a worldwide mani-party seems like a rad way to celebrate Jenner’s nail polish that will finally get to chip off.

The radio station invited social media users to post their manis under the hashtag #PaintYourNailsForBruce and both men and women have been participating in the empowering and supportive movement.

So whether you’re going to the nail salon or grabbing a bottle of polish out of your bathroom drawer, think about dedicating this next manicure to Bruce and all the honesty, love, and self-acceptance that Jenner is inspiring.

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