Caroline Edwards
March 25, 2016 8:00 am

Hey guys it’s Jessie Komitor from People of New York! By now you’ve met a few characters that live in this crazy metropolis. Joey, a Bronx boy with a big heart; Lauryn, a socialite with a penthouse on the Upper East Side; and Nancy, an overbearing Jewish mother from Westchester. And now it’s time for you to meet the fourth: Joan.

I come from a classic theater background, having trained at NYU – Tisch School of the Arts, which, as you can imagine, was super intense. Of course, there are highs and lows like anything else, but the difference is you are surrounded by a group of brilliant and crazy characters. In this group, I always found myself being cast as the comedic relief as opposed to the enchanting ingénue. Always a Nurse, never a Juliet. At the time, it was very frustrating, because it felt like I was never put in the same category as my fellow actors, who never dipped below a 10/10 on the intensity scale.

Well…. This is my 10.

I present to you JOAN.  A girl just trying to be taken as seriously as her fellow thespians.

P.S. Big thank you to Jake Robinson (from The Carrie Diaries) for allowing me to make him feel uncomfortable in a contained space.

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