Karen Belz
December 27, 2017 9:21 am
The WB / Warner Bros.

We love a good Twitter thread — and Buzzfeed writer Katie Notopoulos got one started that had roughly 5,000 replies. The topic? High school. Notably, the “incident” that happened at everyone’s high school. Every school had some sort of scandal, which means that the responses were pretty amusing.

Even better was the timing. Notopoulos tweeted out her question on Christmas night, right when gossip and nostalgia were likely high after spending time with family and old friends. Some of the stories will leave you talking, and perhaps make you wonder if more went on at your high school than you originally thought.

Notopoulos made sure to respond to a lot of the early sharers, who discussed topics such as Quiz Bowl scandals and a “poop bandit,” which isn’t just a plot device used in sitcoms and animated shows. People opened up about what made their high school special, even if it included something that sounds more like the plot of a CW drama. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the network combed through some of the responses for ideas. Did we mention that one included a clown that hung out at the school? You read that right — an actual clown. (And based on the details, this happened well before the infamous creepy clown spottings that happened last year!)

Here are a few of the others that we can’t believe are true.

Like with many of these, a link was provided to prove that it really did happen.

A high school journalist popped up to say that they broke the story of a teacher who was breaking a few laws.

Others proved that lying never pays.

Old rivalries between after-school activities were brought up a few times.

Some stories were simply disgusting.

And others? Just a little embarrassing.

One even included Scott Rogowsky, the host of the popular trivia game HQ.

The thread is worth reading, especially if you’ve got some time to spare. It looks like it’s a rarity to find a high school that’s completely free from incident.