Christina Wolfgram
January 21, 2016 4:59 pm

Since Making A Murderer fans are dedicated enough to start their own amateur murder investigations, it should not be surprising that they are also making their own merchandise based on the show. Etsy, which has always been a paradise of beautiful handmade artwork, is currently full of MAM creations. When we searched for Making a Murderer on Etsy, we came up with a decent offering of over 70 items.

1. Like this greeting card.

$5.00 by chaberkern

2. This hand-painted portrait of Dean Strang, attorney at law.

$29.11 by PlanetGiggles

3. A Valentine accusing your crush of committing a federal crime.

$5.00 by CTRdesign

4. This embroidered likeness of Steven Avery.

$35.00 by thusandseww

5. Weren’t you just talking about how much you wanted a Dean and Jerry phone case?

$25.00 by GeorgiaIrving

6. How about a different color Avery’s Auto Salvage shirt for every day of the week? Light pink, you guys!

$18.99 each by CaseyQualityPrints

7. Also, someone is trying to make #ManitowocSquadGoals a thing.

$25.00 by TrendingHashtag

8. There are quite a few sassy t-shirt options.

$14.00 by 365shirts

9. Exhibit B.

$12.99 by JSDesignsandGraphics

10. Why keep #FreeStevenAvery limited to Twitter when you could literally wear it?

$22.00 by CaseyQualityPrints

11. Match your Free Steven Avery shirt to your aluminum Free Steven Avery bracelet!

$19.99 by BobbieJoDesigns

12. And then match your car and your outfit with this window decal.

$3.50 by RPDesigns89

13. Decorate your apartment with this MAM and Simpsons crossover poster.

$15.00 by NoahSturm

14. Wear your heart on your sleeve with this fan sticker.

$4.00 by StrangStrong

15. Or show who’s getting your vote in the next election with this button.

$3.60 by KodiakMilly

It’s a thrilling time to be alive.

(Images via Netflix and Etsy)