Credit: Instagram/Glass Hour NYC

We’ve all been there — you want to hang in a coffee shop, and so you feel obligated to buy something every 45 minutes. Well Uproxx let us know about a pay-by-the-minute coffee shop called Glass Hour in New York that charges guests for the time they spend there, not for the actual drinks and snacks they consume. The future is now!

Wait, what? No joke, this might be a game-changer for the vibrant coffee shop community, especially freelancers who spend a lot of time in coffee shops.

Here’s how it works. The first hour costs $6.00, and it’s $0.10 each minute after that.

Before you start crunching the numbers and rushing to the conclusion that this is kind of a lot, know that if you spend more than four hours there — the rest of the day is free. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

And clearly this situation is probably best suited for people looking to get work done. Popping in for a quick coffee isn’t financially viable (which is fine, because that’s what Starbucks is for), but overall, we’re intrigued.

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Their Instagram account describes the coffee shop as, “The First Anti-Cafe in the US. Your own place to work, play and enjoy life.” We like that message.

Oh, and they have video games and board games! So you can literally spend all day there and play Monopoly (after you’re done working OF COURSE). Okay, this is getting better and better.

If you live in New York, why not go ahead and check it out (as long as you report back)? The shop was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and it’s only been open since August, so love and support are crucial in these early days.

Coffee, games and chill vibes? Yessss sign us up please.