I’ll admit I don’t know the first thing about baseball. I do, though, know a whole lot about Paul Rudd and the fact that he’s a life long Kansas City Royals fan. If you know baseball you know that the Royals won the World Series last night in a 7-2 victory (yeah, I had to Google that). My #1 guy just happened to be on hand for their win, and he then did something so adorably Paul Rudd by crashing their locker room celebration.

Because when your team wins the World Series and you’re Ant-Man/Josh from Clueless you’re allowed to join in the festivities. And join in he DID.

Rudd took in the entire game from Citi Field in New York City, and then celebrated as if he had actually played in the game himself. That’s perfectly OK. He made his way into the Royal’s locker room, where they were in the process of celebrating with showers of beer (is that a baseball thing?). A few players noticed that he was “too dry” to be properly celebrating, and ceremoniously doused him with beer.

He also took time to hang out with retired Royals player George Brett in the dugout, and Rudd hung out there like he BELONGS there. He also stopped to take pictures with Royals players, once again cementing the fact that Rudd is an all around great and amazing guy. Suggestion: make Paul Rudd the new Royals mascot?

Last year, Rudd was on hand for when the Royals won the American League pennant and joked to reporters that he was so excited he was throwing a kegger at his mom’s house (his mom lives in Kansas City). This year, he’s game to throw a party too, but “it depends if she goes out of town. If it happens, just be cool. Just be cool,” he explained. Yeah, we’ll totally be super cool attending a party at Rudd’s mom’s house. Like that’s not a big deal or anything.

Congrats again on your victory Rudd and Royals, which also happens to be the Royals’ first victory in 30 years. Here’s hoping that winning streak continues into 2016!

(Image via Universal Pictures)