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If you’ve seen Paul Rudd lately, you know that the man already defies time and space because he still looks just like he did in Clueless back in 1995. And now, we’ve learned that he’s actually a space and time master, because he recently bested the current master at his own game. Rudd played chess with Dr. Stephen Hawking and spoiler alert, he won.

This isn’t just any game of chess, either, but quantum chess. Because, go big or go home. As Rudd boasts to Hawkings, he’s actually been to the quantum realm (AKA, in a movie about a small-time criminal who gets a super suit and becomes future-Avenger Ant-Man). What has Hawking recently done for quantum related things, anyway?

This is a true battle for the ages, between a meeting of the minds, and for a while it looks like Rudd is going to lose. But, the card-carrying Equity Actor behind Brian Fantana is able to take down the author of A Brief History of Time at his own game. Oh, and yeah, and Keanu Reeves narrates the whole thing from 700 years in the future, because why not?

Unless you’ve got a masters and a doctorate in quantum physics yourself, none of this will make sense. But, it’s hilarious nonetheless. Check out the video above, and a GIF below of Rudd reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban below, because you deserve it.


(Images via YouTube)