Scarlet Meyer
April 09, 2017 9:57 am

Logan star Sir Patrick Stewart is melting our hearts in the best way possible. Because Patrick Stewart is fostering a pit bull named Ginger. Stewart started fostering the dog through LA’s Wags and Walks. Their love for each other is super adorable.

This is seriously off-the-charts levels of cuteness.

In an interview with People, Stewart revealed the impact caring for Ginger has had on his life.

The actor also recounts the moment he fell in love with Ginger:

Stewart has also partnered with the ASPCA to put an end to dog fighting.

The campaign is called #GetTough, and is meant to bring awareness to the cruelty of dog fighting, as well as fight the stigma against pit bulls. To combat negative images of pit bulls, owners are encouraged to take selfies of themselves and their furry friends. We are very happy to report that Stewart and Ginger definitely participated.

Although initially Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell wanted to adopt Ginger, they, unfortunately, can’t take her back to the UK with them. There is breed legislation in place that makes it incredibly difficult to bring Ginger back home with them. So the couple is currently focusing on getting her a great forever home in the United States.