Credit: Gregg DeGuire / FIlmMagic / Getty Images

In a year filled with celebrity breakups and divorces up the wazoo, it’s refreshing to hear that sometimes, people do reconsider their options in the name of true love. Patrick Dempsey just officially called off his divorce to Jillian Dempsey, his wife of 17 years, and we’re so happy that these two are giving it another go!

As it seems, the process took place just this month. On November 4th, Jillian took action to dismiss the divorce papers that the couple had filed earlier, and that request was met on the 10th. The divorce papers were originally filed back in January 2015.

The secret to their success? They worked hard at keeping their relationship afloat.

The couple decided to try dating again, and were often spotted being sweet and romantic while out in public. And hey — it worked. In May of this year, Dempsey officially stated that him and his wife were “back on”. So, this has been a huge year for them.

Aww. Truer words couldn’t be spoken.

Once things were looking rocky, both Jillian and Patrick decided to give counseling a try. After all, there was so much history there, that it’d be a shame to let it all fade away when feelings were (obviously) still present.

Patrick and Jillian, who tied the knot back in 1999, have three kids together —Tallula, Darby, and Sullivan. Surely, they’re thrilled about their parents reuniting so naturally.

We’re so thrilled that they’ve worked past their differences! It’s just yet another example of love conquering all.