Madeleine Aggeler
December 01, 2016 7:00 am

If you bought a snazzy new Patagonia fleece on Black Friday, you should feel pretty good about yourself right now.

The record profits shattered expectations. When they first announced their plan, Patagonia only predicted $2 million in sales.

Although the company already donates 1% of its daily sales to environmental organizations, they were spurred into action by the outcome of the election.

Patagonia’s donation comes at a possible turning point in our national environmental policy.

President-elect Trump has vacillated between skepticism and full-blown denial of climate change. Myron Ebell, who is leading the transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency, does not believe that global warming is a “crisis that requires drastic action.

If you would like to donate to environmental organizations, join Patagonia in supporting One Percent for the Planet, and some of the charities listed here.