Devan McGuinness
February 07, 2017 6:04 pm

One of the best things about life is all the things that fill our day and our time, but it’s a lot to keep track of and not drop the ball somewhere. Many of us try to manage our time and schedule on our phones, but with everything we have to keep track of, it’s no wonder we’re left feeling frazzled, and over scheduled. Which is why we’re totally feeling Passion Planners, which takes organization back to pen and paper, but with a very useful twist.

Passion Planner started as a Kickstarter campaign and what makes it stand out from other paper planners out there is its ability to help you manage your time better, because each day is broken down into 30 minute increments. It’s not the first planner to do it, but it does it damn well.

The planner is the brain-child of 25-year-old Angelica Trinidad who says she struggled to find her place in the world between doing what her parents wanted (medical school) and what she wanted (fulfill her passion for art).

In the process of discovering herself, she created Passion Planner which is like the best planner for anyone who is struggling to find their way but also needs to keep their life organized. This planner is like no other out there, not only because for every one purchased the company donates three to students, but it’s got everything you’d need to make life make sense.

Arguably one of the most unique parts of this planner is in it’s daily breakdown, it allows you to increment your day in 30 minute blocks. Where most typical planners only break down the day by the hour, this allows for smarter and more accurate time management and you can see where you have time to do those important things we all forget.

Like self care — you know, working out, taking a bath, all those things we say we never have time for. If you put them on your calendar, you might actually do it.

If you’re a big fan of planners, this has nearly everything you’d want to make it your own and give you that slow down relaxation many get from customizing it.

If you’ve never tried a planner and need some help in the time management area, this might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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