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Updated Apr 01, 2016 @ 11:06 am
Credit: Warner Bros./HelloGiggles
Credit: Warner Bros./HelloGiggles


Turns out, using Lorelai Gilmore quotes on Tinder actually delivers great results (the guys were oddly really into it). But could the same be said for ALL Gilmore Girls characters? After a quick debate as to who to use next — Rory? Luke? Sookie? Michel?? — there was one clear choice: the one, the only, Paris Geller.

Yes, the unsinkable Paris Geller, Rory’s on-and-off-again best friend, on-and-off-again frenemie, and also one-time roommate. With Paris being 15x sassier than Lorelai, would this work? Would dudes on Tinder go for all these ridiculous Paris quotes, and actually be into an over-achieving, Type A, Yale Daily News Writer?

Guess what, they were really into to it, to a shocking degree. Like, even though I was saying all these absurd things to them, they kept replying back to me.

(also, FYI, the reason people keep talking to me about Paul Rudd is because my Tinder profile says “here for Paul Rudd” and my main picture is me with R2-D2)

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TBH, some did get bored of me, but like, I guess that’s Tinder?

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After a little while of doing this, I realized that some Paris quotes were just way better than other Paris quotes.

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And for some reason, a lot of Paris quotes worked as a gateway into dude’s ~souls.~

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So what did I learn from this second Gilmore Tinder experiment?

Even when I typed something and thought to myself, “this is ridiculous,” THE DUDES RESPONDED. Online dating is SO WEIRD.

Paris Geller quotes work wonders, because she can be direct and to the point, while also being super intriguing. Like, don’t you want to know her enemies list that has whittled from 26 to five? I do.

Ok, really deleting Tinder for real now, bye!