Credit: Pexels

Let’s face it — who likes changing diapers?! Whether it’s your baby or someone else’s, we could all probably think of a thousand other things we’d rather do. So, to solve this issue, these parents potty-trained their NEWBORN, reported Cosmopolitan. Yup, apparently, that’s a thing.

Of course, aside from not having to change diapers, there are benefits to doing so — like less landfill waste. Hence, doctor parents Jeffrey Bender, MD, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and Rosemary She, MD, a pathologist/ microbiologist at Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, decided to potty-train their newborn.

What is this seemingly miraculous technique?! It’s called “elimination communication,” aka “natural infant hygiene.”

Plus, it could help with interaction between parents and babies, as well as prevent diaper-related issues, like diaper rash, WebMD states. However, some people feel an infant’s muscles are not developed enough yet to be toilet-trained so young, before the age of two.

As for Dr. Bender and Dr. She, they co-authored an editorial on their diaper-less experience in the medical journal Pediatrics.

Of course, potty training infants is a case-by-case, baby-to-baby basis, and the doctor pair does not suggest it’s right for everyone. Meanwhile, we’re still blown away that it’s even a possibility. Riiiight?!