These parents gave their son a hilarious letter of resignation for his 20th birthday

Can you imaging waking up on your 20th birthday to a letter from your parents informing you that they’ve officially resigned from looking after you? That’s exactly what (jokingly) happened to Yuma Hasegawa when he opened what he thought was a birthday card but ended up being a “Notice of Expiration of Child-Rearing Services.”

In Japan, the legal age of adulthood is 20, so Yuma’s parents felt it was time for him to really grow up. In the letter, pictured below, Mr. and Mrs. Hasegawa detail all the things Yuma must now do to become a “proper, excellent member of society.”

Here is the full translation, provided by Rocket News 24:

Yuma has assured those who are worried about him that the letter was extremely tongue-in-cheek, even though he actually does pay his parents rent. In fact, as funny as the letter is, Yuma hopes to do as much as he can to help his parents in the future. They obviously have a great relationship, as long as he keeps tabs on that interest he owes…

(Image via Twitter.)

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