Rachel Paige
Updated November 11, 2017 1:17 pm

After years of patiently waiting, the truth about one of our favorite childhood movies has finally come to light: Linday Lohan’s Parent Trap double.

Well, we’ve known all along that Lohan had a double for her role in Parent Trap. Just like the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills way back when, only one girl was cast to play the role of two twins. Thanks to some crazy cinematic magic, Lohan could be in two places at once for the movie, and play both roles. But for some scenes, someone else actually needed to stand in for her, their face digitally replaced with Lohan’s later on down the road.

Now, get ready to say hello to actress Erin Mackey, who played Lohan’s double in the 1998 classic. She was just seven months older than Lohan at the time of filming, and she really does look like her, right down to the red hair and freckles. Check her out back in the day:

Lohan is on the left; Mackey is on the right. Looking quickly at this picture, you might not realize they’re not twins. For the image below, they’ve swapped places — JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE.

Of course, Mackey’s performance was removed, to create the illusion of two Lohans. But she was there for all of filming, hanging out with Chessy in Napa, Grandfather in London. And while she might not be seen in the final movie, that’s a pretty amazing piece of trivia to say, “Oh, BTW, I was the other Linday Lohan.”

Since landing the role of Annie/Hallie double, Mackey went on to star as Glinda in the national touring production of Wicked, and then moved to Broadway to take over the role there. Oh, and Mackey was also in You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Fashion Party in 1999, so that’s something else she can brag about, too.

(Images via Disney.)