Briana Hansen
May 09, 2016 2:26 pm
Massapequa Pet Vet/Facbook

Everything truly is awesome for an adorable little once-abandoned kitten named Mac. After being abandoned by his mother and losing the use of his back legs, Mac (full name Mac N’Cheez if you’re feeling formal) was found by a good Samaritan and brought into the Massapequa Pet Vet in New York. After Mac melted the hearts of every worker there, they set to work helping him get mobile by putting together a makeshift wheelchair out of old supplies, Legos, and other toys they had sitting around.

The overall engineering of the device was both super creative and extremely impressive. Not to mention, it fit around little Mac’s body perfectly.

Mac N'Cheez YouTube/Giphy

Little did they know, Mac was secretly a speed demon who was just waiting for a chance to show off his impressive (and unbearably cute) skills. Once they put him in the homemade wheelchair, Mac set off at lightning speeds leaving behind him only a trail of dust and a whole bunch of people dabbing their eyes from the overwhelming cuteness of it all.

Mac N'Cheeze YouTube/Giphy

The Massapequa Pet Vet has posted some regular updates on Mac on their Facebook page, including the fact that he does have feeling in his legs and they’re hopeful he could regain some use of his backend with enough rehabilitation. Not that he isn’t doing just fine on his own.

Mac N'Cheez YouTube/Giphy

The video of Mac “learning” (though he was pretty much a natural) how to walk has gone viral on Facebook and for very good reasons. Not only is Mac one of the sweetest and most charming little kittens you’ll ever see, but watching him zoom around in his new little seat reminds everyone that you can accomplish anything with a little help from your friends (and, of course, some sweet toys).

Watch (and enjoy) the video for yourself here: