A mom in Philadelphia had the scare of her life last Wednesday when her three-year-old son fell out of a second story window. But no worries. The little boy was just fine, because a replica painting of The Last Supper broke his fall and saved his life. What???!

The whole thing was just a freak accident. Dionna Praylow was getting everything ready for her son Reginald’s evening bath. She left the bathroom for just a second to grab his PJ’s, and when she came back, little Reginald was gone. So was the plexiglass bathroom window, which had fallen right out of its frame.

Dionna was, understandably, panicked. She ran down the stairs, expecting to find the worst. But when she reached the front door, Reginald was up and walking inside the house. Other than some tears and a bruise on his arm, he seemed perfectly fine. The family went outside to check things out and realized he’d fallen on top of the painting, which belongs to his grandmother. Police investigators agree that’s what must have happened. They speculate the little boy leaned against the bathroom window and accidentally pushed it out of the frame. Then Jesus and all his dinner companions broke Reginald’s fall.

A trip the hospital confirmed that Reginald is absolutely fine. The next day, Dionna told NBC News, “He’s acting normal, running around.” Thank God. Um, literally.

As for the painting that had formerly been left outside, it’s now hanging in the Praylows’ family room. It’s certainly earned that honor.


[Image via Shutterstock.]