Here’s a guy paddleboarding with two whales, as one does

This is the dream: You’re hanging out peacefully by yourself in nature and all of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by sweet, curious, friendly creatures a la Princess Aurora and her little buddy birds, bunnies, and fluffy-tailed squirrels.

The thing is, this actually HAPPENED to paddleboarder James Price. As The Huffington Post reports, Price was hanging out on his board off the coast of Esperance, Australia, when a pair of Southern Right whales swam right up to him. Southern Rights are among the rarest of marine animal spottings, there are only about 7,000 of these whales worldwide, which means you’re not going to see these majestic creatures on just any old whale watch.

This magical moment would have just remained between Price and his whale buds had it not been for local Jamie Hudson, who heard about the whales, wanted some video evidence, and luckily had a quadcopter drone on hand. So he sent his ‘copter up and got the gorgeous footage below.

“The whales moved to where [Price] was,” Hudson said. “The whole time they were very slow-moving and peaceful.”

We love that Price got to have this beautiful moment with these extraordinary creatures, and we also love that the video evidence let’s us vicariously experience all the magic and mystery.

Okay, video time!

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Just a seal surfing on a whale. NBD.

Image via YouTube