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Google has given us the best April Fool’s Day joke (gift?)! You can now play Pac-Man in the streets of some of the world’s most iconic cities, thanks to a currently-activated feature that turns all the world into a retro game board.

Okay, not all the world. There are clues that will lead you to where you can actually play the game, or you can check out this handy cheat sheet from Mashable if you’re low on time. The Guardian also offered a list of the best cities for Pac-Man-ing it up. (Think Barcelona, NYC, Paris!)

Here’s how it works: Open up Google Maps and head to a place like the Arc de Triomphe. A little blue and yellow Pac-Man icon will pop up and the option for a Pac-Man view will appear in the bottom corner. Click on either and watch the streets transform into the classic Pac-Man game! Then you nibble cherries and dodge ghosts to your heart’s content!

No word on how long this is going to stick around, so enjoy it while you can! I mean, really, those emails can wait just a few more minutes, can’t they?

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