Teri Wilson
Updated July 17, 2015 4:02 am

What’s cuter than a bunch of otters playing in a river? A bunch of BABY otters playing in a river.

Be still our baby animal loving hearts! The Los Angeles Zoo uploaded a new video to YouTube Wednesday of a trio of giant river otter pups having what amounts to a pool party. They even invited their entire extended family.

Aw! We otterly love these little guys!

What makes our hearts absolutely melt about this video is that giant river otters are classified as an endangered species. (Sob!) Even worse, they tend to have a high infant mortality rate in captivity. (Seriously, pass the tissues, please.) So on March 28, when three adorable giant river otter pups were born at the LA Zoo, it was pretty big deal. You might even say it was a GIANT deal. (See what I did there?)

From the looks of things, the baby otters are doing just fine. And oh my goodness, are they ever adorable. I mean, look at this face. LOOK AT IT!

The melting brown eyes! The tiny little ears! The crazy whiskers! The adorable webbed feet! Soooo much cuteness. But wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because these little guys also have some serious attitude, especially when a yummy treat is involved.

Can otters throw shade? Because I’m pretty sure that one just did.

Actually, in the video, this little cutie’s mom gives him the fish and he carries it around, adorably tripping all over it and basically just playing with his food. Until mom tries to take it away. Then baby otter is just NOT HAVING IT. At all. We feel you, baby otter. That’s pretty much the look I get on my face when someone tries to touch my pizza.

Snack tantrum aside, the otter pups are the cutest. They slip and slide all over the place and can’t quite seem to get their balance. That doesn’t stop them from playing up a storm, though, while the adults swim around them like they’re in some sort of otter underwater ballet. Honestly, these animals are truly graceful. When they’re grown-ups, at least. But hey, the kiddos do pretty well considering they’re only four months old.

When they’re not playing, they like to stretch out on the riverbank and catch some rays. You know, just chill. Otter style.

And at the end of the day when they’re all tuckered out, they collapse into an adorable otter pup pile.

Awwwww. Our hearts are melting!

We could watch this video all day long. We’re betting you could, too. Really. You otter take a look. (Yes, we just went there.)

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[Photos via YouTube]