Colette Shade
Updated May 10, 2015 @ 7:24 am

You know the OtterBox? That that plastic and rubber case meant to protect your phone from shattering, scratches and water damage? Testimonials on the product’s site boast that the OtterBox can help your precious iPhone withstand all kinds of disasters, from plummeting eight stories down an elevator shaft to accidentally being deep-fried. One OtterBox-ed phone remained functional even after eight cars rolled over it. But until now, we didn’t know how one of these gadgets would perform in the hands of an actual otter. And, well, thanks to a visitor to the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota, now we know.

Here’s what went down: A crowd of people were outside of the North American otter exhibit at the North Dakota zoo on Thursday. One of the crowd, as of yet unidentified, was snapping photos of the adorable otters (who could blame them? Have you seen this video of a baby otter learning to swim? I mean honestly) when you guessed it — they dropped their OtterBox-protected phone straight into the otter exhibit. I mean, they really otter have know better. (Womp, womp.)

One clever otter, excited about the new toy that had just landed in his home, snatched the phone straight up and went about ripping the case off the device, dropping it in the water and chewing on it. In the wild, some otters crack open crustaceans to eat. So it’s no surprise that one was able to crack into a phone case. Even an OtterBox. As one North Dakota newscaster pointed out, “It appears the case is no match for actual otters.”

But, upon reached for comment, the makers of OtterBox beg to differ. The company noted to Yahoo Tech that “while OtterBox previously offered an ‘otter-tested’ case, it proved not to be very popular due to limited human-otter interactions.” They even offered video proof of more otter and OtterBox interactions. Which is fine with us: More otter videos from everyone, please.