Briana Hansen
Updated May 22, 2016 @ 10:27 am
Credit: 20th Century Fox

When you’re playing an immortal demigod, there are obviously going to be some visual expectations you’ll need to live up to. So it’s not a huge surprise that X-Men fans had OPINIONS the first time they saw pictures of Oscar Isaac’s character, Apocalypse.

Here’s the thing about Apocalypse: Also known as En Sabah Nur, he’s the known for being not only the first mutant, but also one of the most ancient and powerful mutants to ever exist. His reputation is as massive as his stature and it’s going to be a challenge to bring such an incredible creature visually to life onscreen. Thanks to amazing computer technology, there’s always the option of making him completely CGI (like the Hulk). But that’s not the direction Isaac or the movie’s director Bryan Singer wanted to go in.

Instead, they wanted to have more practical special effects and makeup so that audiences could truly feel and connect with the extremely talented actor underneath, who could hold his own against a star-studded cast. In doing so, they needed to make sure Apocalypse could really live up to the massive hype and expectations around him. And the first pictures that were revealed of him didn’t do so for some fans. And those fans who weren’t satisfied made sure their concerns were heard.

Even Isaac admitted that he wasn’t pleased with the pictures. Without context, his coloring looks completely off. He told Entertainment Weekly, “When you look at those things, you think that’s the representation of the character, and it was a shot from when we were coming out of a portal, and the portal light is purple and so suddenly everyone thinks that the character is purple which is not the case.”

But the X-Men franchise is in very good and familiar hands with veteran director Bryan Singer, who has helmed several successful movies in the franchise already. So, while it’s a shame the initial pictures didn’t do the movie’s antagonist justice, hopefully fans will trust that a picture may be only worth a thousand words, but a moving picture is worth so much more.