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Origami, as you know, is the magical art of paper-folding. If you’ve ever attempted it by flipping through a manual and folding away, you know just how tricky the traditional art form can be. You might wish you could just pop a coin, push a button, and retrieve a pre-made origami-wonder. Well, wish no further! A Japanese vending machine in the rural town of Uchiko in Ehime Prefecture is doing that very thing. The results are blowing our minds and warming our hearts!

So, what exactly does the enchanting contraption sell?

According to RocketNews24, for 10 yen apiece, you can choose from such delights as a plane, a rabbit balloon, a ninja throwing star, a flying balloon and others. For 30 yen apiece, your options include a sword, a variety of paper helmets, a Japanese iris, a delicate envelope among other ornate gems. If you want to spend big, get yourself a jumping frog, lips, a crow, a horse and/or a spinning top for 50 yen a pop. It’s roughly 1 yen to every $0.01 US Dollar.

You can buy one of these paper beauties for as little as a dime!

Who is selling these marvelously folded paper delicacies?

The mastermind behind this ingenious idea is a 61-year old storeowner. She decided to fill an old vending machine with something unexpected, instead of putting it out to pasture. The unique vending machine hosts a handmade ‘origami’ sign and a small sack for customers to throw their discarded plastic packaging. The results are camera-fodder perfection!

If you ever find yourself walking around Uchiko, be sure to load up on these charming goodies. You’ll be taking home a fantastic piece of Japanese tradition and a load of memorable souvenirs. And if you’re homebound, you can wait and see if MIT’s self-folding paper crane will drop at a market near you. The future is closer than we think!

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