Jill Layton
Updated Jul 27, 2015 @ 12:20 pm

Orangutans and humans might have more in common than we think — specifically, their ability to feel emotions and understand human pregnancies. Remember a couple months ago when we posted a video of an orangutan in South Carolina who adopted tiger cubs as his own? After he saw the way caregivers were taking care of the cubs, the orangutan jumped in to give the cubs bottles and play with them — it was so adorable.

Well, this time an adorable orangutan at Britain’s Colchester Zoo had the absolute sweetest moment with a pregnant woman, and you really have to see the video to understand the magnitude of the sweetness.

A woman and her husband were at the zoo when the pair got up close and personal with an orangutan named Rajang. There was a glass barrier in between them for everyone’s safety, of course.

Rajang seemed interested in the woman’s belly, so she placed it against the glass. What happened next literally took our breath away. Rajang leaned forward and kissed her belly. He puckered his lips repeatedly, seemingly to show love and acknowledge the woman’s pregnancy.

The woman’s husband even put his own belly up to the glass to see if Rajang would give him the same response, but he didn’t. Rajang looked at the man like he was a crazy person — like, “Why would I kiss your man belly? That doesn’t even make sense.” There’s just something about Rajang’s calmness and the emotion on his face that shows how in-tune he was to the baby.

Check out the beautiful encounter for yourself:


(Featured image via iStock)