Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 05, 2017 1:27 pm
Theo Wargo / Getty

In several recent interviews, Oprah opened up about how she lost 42 pounds. Specifically, she said that it wasn’t some magical food or diet secret that shifted how much she weighed, but instead it was a change in mindset. The kinder she was to her body, the easier it was for her to make healthful choices. While weight loss isn’t everything, and gaining weight isn’t a bad thing, we appreciate Oprah’s honesty and her desire to just be good to herself. After all, that’s what body positivity is all about!

According to our friends at PopSugar, Oprah told Weight Watchers Magazine,

Things shifted when she started to look at weight loss in a new way. Instead of focusing on weight, she decided to focus on her overall health not just in terms of her body, but her mind and soul, too. It made all the difference! She continued, explaining,

Now that’s a message we can get behind. Here’s to being kinder to ourselves in 2017.