Kathryn Lindsay
August 13, 2015 10:58 am

You’ve seen those a cappella videos before, right? The kind where one person uses layers of their own voice to create a solo-masterpiece. They’re awesome, but we’ve officially found the winner.

Sam Robson decided to make a cover of the Lion King classic “Circle of Life” five years ago, but gave up because it was just too challenging. Thankfully for all of us, he recently decided to give it another whirl, and produced this amazing masterpiece:

No matter where you look (and there are a lot of places to look, thanks to Robson’s use of split-screen), he’s doing little, subtle things that, when combined with all the other frames, make this amazing sound and on-point cover of the Disney classic. He used up to 50 voices at any given time (!!!), including some percussion. It sounds so professional and multi-layered that you can hardly believe it’s all coming from one person. By the end of the video, you’re just full of questions: How long did it take? How did he create all the parts?

However he pulled it off, people are noticing, commenting things like “HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO TALENTED??? OMG I CANT TAKE HOW COOL THIS IS!” and “Sam, you are so beautifully gifted. Your voice moves me every time. Wonderful arrangement!” And in a time when positive comments on the Internet can be hard to come by, that’s extra impressive. 

Sam took all of these kind words to heart, and after the video blew up on social media, commented this statement:

If you’d like to support Sam’s other singing endeavors, you can check out his album “Hymns” over on iTunes. Keep up the great work, Sam!

(Image via YouTube.)