It’s no major secret in Hollywood that you’ll see many of the same locations over and over again. But when certain locations are used for iconic scary movies, it’s shocking to see them in a totally different light.

Just take a look at the beautiful hallway of the Paramor Estate in Hollywood. The gorgeous elegance is overwhelming, it’s hard to imagine anything could ever go wrong.

But if this hallway looks familiar (and gives you chills), it’s because it was used in the filming of both Scream 3:

Credit: Movieclips/YouTube

And Halloween: H20 Twenty Years Later.

Credit: Movieclips/YouTube

But this estate is not just a place for terrifying masked killers. In fact, it can be seen in all sorts of much more upbeat TV shows and music videos.

The women from Comedy Central’s Another Period film at the beautiful estate.

Credit: Comedy Central/YouTube

It was also the location of a fabulous party hosted by none other than Britney Spears in her “My Prerogative” music video.

Credit: BritneySpearsVEVO/YouTube

If those two facts don’t make you feel a little less nervous in the gorgeous mansion, maybe you’ll be comforted that both the cast of Alias:

Credit: The Paramour Estate/Facebook

And Monk:

Credit: The Paramour Estate/Facebook

Filmed there and made it out A-OK.

Seeing this same location have so many different uses is not only completely fascinating, it reminds us that these are just movies that we’re watching after all. So maybe next time you get brave enough to try out another marathon of scary ’90s horror movies, you get a little less scared now that you’ve seen the same home in so many different scenarios.