It’s really happening, you guys. This is not a drill! The Starbucks “Frappula” is back and we are totally freaking out.

The company introduced the limited-time Halloween frappuccino last year, and it was so beloved by customers that they’ve officially brought it back.

If you haven’t yet tried one, here’s how Starbucks describes what’s inside:

Credit: Starbucks

BRB, running to Starbucks to get one of these.

The company is definitely getting in the Halloween spirit. Alongside the Frappula, Starbucks is introducing limited-edition mummy cake pops made with vanilla birthday cake.

Credit: Starbucks

Plus, the company put together a Halloween playlist (catch it on Spotify!) so you know they’re taking this holiday seriously.

Starbucks’ first Halloween frappuccino was introduced in the U.S. and Canada in 2014: a green tea “Franken Frappuccino.” Though it looked a little strange — mostly green with flecks of blended chocolate chips — it seemed to be well-liked. The Frappula, however, is the drink that’s proved it has staying power.